Friday Favorites

Yay for the weekend! Tomorrow is my big test and I am SO excited for it to be over with. Here are a few things that I was loving this past week. 🙂

1. This week I really loved some of the excerpts that I read from my book before bed. They all focused on having faith rather than planning for and worry about the future. They spoke about how God has a plan for us all that is already set and will be slowly revealed to us moment by moment.

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 8.57.18 PM.png

Some days I like the readings more than others, and this week I felt like they really were all things that I needed to hear.

2. On Thursday night my Dad and I went out to dinner in Hoboken to a restaurant called “Margherita’s Pizza and Cafe.” I had been looking forward to our visit all week! It was nice to get out of the apartment and spend some time catching up.


I had a feeling that the food would be good here because each time that I previously walked by there had been a line out the door. The atmosphere was really cute and cozy and felt like your typical small family owned Italian restaurant.

They started us off with bruschetta and Italian bread and butter. Then for our main meals, my dad had chicken parmigiana and I had raviolis stuffed with eggplant, sun-dried tomato, and cheese. Both of our meals were fantastic!

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 8.42.43 PM.png

We then finished off our evening with a coffee and cappuccino before heading out.


Overall we had a great time! We hopefully are going to try to do something like this once a month or so. 🙂

3. Earlier this week I talked about the fantastic Valentine’s Day that I had with Dan and obviously that was one of my favorite things this week. However on top of that I got a nice surprise from him in the mail on Wednesday…

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 8.46.04 PM.png
A Penguins shirt! 

Dan had asked  me earlier in the week who my favorite player would be on the Penguins. I had absolutely no idea since I would say that I am more of a Bruins fan (if a hockey fan at all), so I picked a player solely based on their looks (LOL). I had forgotten all about our conversation until I got this shirt with that player’s number on the back! He thought it was important that I had some Penguins gear to wear to the game that we are going to in a few months. 🙂 It was a nice surprise!

4. Lastly, two of my favorite things this week have to do with my bedroom coming along in my apartment. As of right now, the kitchen and living room feel nice and cozy, but the bedroom is a mess. For the past (almost) two months I have had no rug, curtains, or even a bedspread. Luckily that all changed this week!

My aunt had been working hard on a hand-made quilt for my bed for a little while now  and she just finished it!  I haven’t seen it in person yet, but it looks absolutely beautiful from the pictures.


My grandma picked out the fabric for me when she was in Amish country this past summer and I immediately fell in love with it. I knew that it would make a beautiful quilt, but I’m not super confident in my quilting abilities yet so I decided to ask my aunt to make it for me. Luckily she said yes and it’s already one of my very favorite things that I own (despite that I don’t actually have it in my hands yet)!

 Even the small details are perfect!

To go along with this, I got a nice surprise from my Grandma telling me that she bought me a braided rug for the bedroom as a Valentine’s Day gift!

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 8.52.54 PM.png
Here’s the photo she sent me, but I’ll be sure to post actual pictures when I get it!

I had been looking at very similar rugs online for weeks now but hadn’t mentioned it to anybody. I was so shocked when she told me that she bought me one in the exact color that I liked!   I am so excited to get it into my bedroom and see how it helps things come together.

I will definitely be doing a post on the apartment in the near future to share my attempt at making this place feel like home!

That’s all for this week. I am so grateful for my fantastic family who truly made this week fabulous.

Have a great weekend!






Life as a Recent Grad: 1 Month Out

Before I graduated college, I spent a lot of time researching and reading anything that I could get my hands on regarding my transition to the “real world.” I read some horror stories, some too good to be true stories, and everything in between. Now that I’ve been working full-time for one month, I thought it might be fun to share some of the things that I’ve learned, things that I’ve struggled with, and things that I love about being a young professional.


1. I think the best part of no longer being in college is that once you leave work for the day or week, you are done. There is no homework to do, no meetings, no clubs, etc. You can use your time exactly as you want to without feeling guilty that you’re slacking on some other commitment. This isn’t quite the case for me yet as I have spent the past month studying for an upcoming test, but I imagine that it will be great.

2. Sometimes you will feel like you have no idea what you are doing and that’s okay. I struggle with this on a daily basis. Sometimes at work I feel like a 5th grader would be more helpful than I am. I ask as many questions as I can and try to educate myself when I have downtime, but I still feel like I am behind. I constantly have to remind myself that most of my colleagues have been working the same type of job for years and years – so obviously they are more knowledgeable than I am! It’s easy to start feeling flustered and get in your own head about this type of thing. I’m hoping this resolves itself in time.

3. I have already lost touch with 95% of my college friends. Not completely, but we don’t catch up nearly as much as we used to. It’s very easy to get caught up in your day-to-day work routine and let relationships fall to the side. This can make you feel extremely lonely (especially if you are living in a new area). I think in the long run this will be a good thing though. It helps you determine who you are willing to put in the work to maintain a friendship with, and who is willing to do the same for you. As I get older, I would much rather have a few very close friends than tons of just okay friends.

4. This life is exactly what you make of it. That seems really deep, but I find myself thinking about it more and more lately. There is nobody else to blame if I am unhappy with my job, myself, or my life in general. You have to put in the effort to create the type of lifestyle that you want. It’s very easy to get stuck into a routine of going through the motions – getting up early, working all day, coming home to have dinner, laying on the couch until bed. Of course, sometimes this type of day is exactly what you need, but for me at least,  this doesn’t seem like living intentionally (one of my New Year Resolutions). I want to create healthy and fun lifestyle habits that I can carry over to my future family someday. I want to create a habit of doing at least one active thing each day and cooking dinner every night. These are two things that I have chosen to focus on for now, but I’m hoping to add more in the future once these things become the normal for me.

Overall this is probably the hardest adjustment I have ever gone through, and I would bet that is true for 99% of college graduates. It’s important to remember that everyone goes through it at some point and things will get better. I’m hoping to create a mini-series on this topic, so look out for more of my thoughts on the post-grad transition coming next month. 🙂




Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope everyone’s day is full of quality time with the ones that you love (and more importantly lots of chocolate ;)).

I celebrated Valentines day a little bit early this year due to today falling on a Tuesday and a big test that I have coming up this weekend – but none the less, it was perfect. This was easily the best Valentine’s day that I could have asked for 🙂


Dan surprised me with a fancy dinner of steak, broccoli, sweet potato, and wine. ❤ A good steak is my absolute favorite meal, so you could say that I was one happy girl.


After eating until we wanted to bust, we decided to exchange gifts and wait a little while before moving onto dessert.

I got him tickets to an upcoming Penguins hockey game. He is a huge fan and had been talking about going to this game for weeks. I had to make up a story for something else that we had that night so that he wouldn’t buy himself the tickets. He had no idea that I had them the entire time. 🙂

On top of the fantastic dinner he cooked me, he also surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers, a bag of my favorite candy (rolos), and an Alex and Ani bracelet.


My heart was so full after reading the sweet message on the bracelet that he picked for me.


After opening our gifts, we moved onto dessert.


Dan made a cinnamon roll monkey bread dessert. It was fantastic. I’m so grateful that he is a great cook, because I certainly am not (as most of my family and friends can attest to… LOL).  After dessert we went down the block to a local bar called, “The Turtle Club” to round out the night with a few drinks.

Despite spending today alone working and studying- I am all smiles after having had the best early Valentine’s Day.

Sending love to you all! Thanks for reading. 🙂



Friday Favorites

The past two weeks have been crazy busy and tough if I’m being honest. It has been hard for me to be far away from family and friends permanently. I had no problem living at college or studying abroad, because I knew that I would always return home in the foreseeable future. I think the hardest part for me now is not knowing when I’ll be home to Massachusetts for longer than a few day.

My family has been so great in helping me with this adjustment though. They call and FaceTime me daily, which I love. Just last week Dan made a last minute trip to spend the weekend with me because he knew that I was feeling down. He jumped in his car on Saturday afternoon and drove 4 hours just so I wouldn’t have to spend the rest of my weekend alone. I have said it before and I will say it again- I am so lucky.

This transitions me into a few of my favorite things from this past week, as his visit was obviously at the top of the list!

1. LL Bean Rain Coat

As if driving all that way wasn’t enough, Dan surprised me with a new LL Bean raincoat. I’m telling you I have no idea what I did to deserve someone so sweet!

It has been raining a lot here recently and I somehow did not own a rain jacket before this one(?!). This was so necessary since I walk up to 20 blocks outside some days.  He did a great job picking out the color and it fits perfectly. This jacket will be great for colder rainy days, since it has a nice warm lining.

2. Lands End Ponte Sheath Dress

These dresses are the best. Hands down. My mom and I bought two of them before I moved for my job in January and immediately after I wore one of them, she ordered me 3 more. I could not stop raving about how comfortable they are. They’re also super cute and easy to style. This is huge for me because I hate spending more than 5 minutes picking out my outfit each day. I will be sure to post pictures wearing the others soon!

Please ignore the dirty mirror selfie!

3. Young Living Essential Oils

My mom bought a starter kit of Young Living Essential Oils a few months ago and we slowly began figuring out which ones we liked and how to use them. I wasn’t over the moon about them at first, but I blame that on the fact that I wasn’t really sure what to do with them.

Now that I have spent more time experimenting and educating myself on how to use them, I am completely in love! My mom got me my own diffuser for Christmas along with bottles of lavender, thieves, and peppermint oils.

Every night I put lavender in diffuser and it helps me calm down and get to sleep. Before I was doing this, I could not sleep at all here in my new apartment. I was so anxious, tossing and turning, and up all night. I was constantly exhausted and miserable.  I can honestly say this essential oil has made all of the difference. I would strongly recommend doing this if you have a racing mind while trying to fall asleep.

This diffuser has a color changing nightlight too

I also love the peppermint oil to rub on sore muscles or the back of my neck and temples when I have a bad headache. I know I sound crazy- but I am a big believer in this stuff now!

That’s all for this week. Have a fabulous and relaxing weekend!



Friday Favorites (On Sunday)

**Disclaimer: I wrote this post on Friday evening and just now am realizing that it never posted :(. I’ve been having some troubles with WordPress lately, but I’m hoping that its back to normal soon.**

We finally made it to the weekend! I am going to visit my dad today and hopefully spend the rest of the weekend relaxing and catching up on some studying.

I wanted to bring back something that I have done in the past called “Friday Favorites.” I really enjoyed sharing different things that I liked with you, and am going to try to get back into the habit of doing so each week. Here are a few things that I’m loving right now!

  1. Sweaty Bands

For as long as I can remember, I have struggled to find a headband that was comfortable and effective at holding my hair out of my face during my workouts… until I found these!

Dan’s mom and sisters introduced me to them a few months ago and since then I have been obsessed. They are so cute, comfortable, and don’t slip at all when you’re moving around. They also come in tons of colors and patterns. These are a new must have for me!

Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 9.48.20 AM.png
SweatyBand still in place after 30 minutes of cardio!

     2. Aquaphor Lip Treatment

I have the most horrible dry and cracked lips in the winter time. It happens instantly the moment the weather cools down. This year it felt especially bad. I was even struggling to sleep during the night without waking up in pain every hour or so… until I found this.



This is like a miracle lip treatment and immediately provided me with so much relief. It doesn’t strip your lips of any natural oils or leave them even drier once it wears off, which I have found of most similar products. This comes highly recommended from me!

3. Urban Decay Naked Skin One and Done

For a long time, I’ve been looking for a sheer foundation that is gentle enough for me to wear everyday. I had been eying this product for a long time before I finally bit the bullet and bought it, and it is so worth it.


I apply it every morning after my moisturizer and it makes my skin feel softer and look more even. I’ve also noticed that it has seemed to decrease the size of my pores as I use it more consistently. I also love that it has SPF in it. It’s so important to protect your skin everyday – especially if you want to try and avoid getting any wrinkles for as long as possible.


4. Essie Gel Couture Polish 

Some people love getting their hair done frequently, others love getting monthly facials, I love having my nails done. It just makes me feel so much better when I look down and see freshly painted nails with no chips. In the past, I loved gel manicures because they lasted 2+ weeks without chipping at all. This was my go-to because each time I got a regular manicure, I felt like I was taking the polish off within a day or two, which was a complete waste of time and money. Unfortunately, the gel polish ended up being far too harsh on my nails. They hurt all the time, were brittle, peeling, and burning. It was awful. It took about 6 months for my nails to completely heal from this.

Since starting a new job, I have been on a mission to figure out how to have my nails look nice all time time without using UV gel polish and I finally figured it out. For almost the past month now I have been getting my nails done with the Essie Gel Couture Polish. This goes on and can be removed just like regular polish, but lasts almost two weeks! I am not kidding you – I had NO chips after 7 days and very minimal chipping after 12.

Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 11.06.11 AM.png
Loved this color!

It cost me $3 more than a regular manicure, but was still far less than a UV gel manicure. My nails feel and look healthier than they have in a long time and I couldn’t be happier. I would highly recommend this polish to anyone who has trouble with sensitive nails.

That’s all for now, but I hope you enjoyed reading. I would love to hear what you’re loving lately!